Finding a competent and qualified real estate appraiser professional should not be left to chance.  Until the creation of, results from searching the internet for appraiser directories would include websites claiming to be "national" directories that are more marketing gimmicks than actual national appraiser websites. Many of these websites have "randomized" or "first come- highest priority" listings with others claiming to be "exclusive" listing sites by showing only a few appraisers. Some are repackaged versions of other websites, with only a new name and additional listing fees. While some of the websites offer "free" listings, these listings are often in very small print and usually sandwiched in between advertising.  


The developers of thought a better job could be done of providing information to the consumer about appraisers while allowing appraisers to compete openly and fairly for business opportunities.


Our development goals were simple:

1.    To compile information on all active real estate appraisers licensed in the US;

2.    To combine multiple publicly available data sources into one efficient search;

3.    To allow for customization and individualization of an appraiser listing;

4.    To allow appraisers to compete openly and fairly for business;

5.    To provide resources beneficial to the appraiser professional and general public; and

6.    To provide general information on real estate appraising.


With our goals established, our mission was also simple: To be the one-stop national directory of real estate appraisers and to be the first source for information on real estate appraisers on the internet.


We believe we have succeeded in accomplishing both our goals and our mission with Most importantly, we believe you will find value in the information this site provides.


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